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Welcome to the website of the Alan Bush Music Trust, a charity, established in October 1997, "to promote the education and appreciation by the public in and of music and, in particular, the works of the British composer Alan Bush (1900-1995)".

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New CD: Alan Bush

A Recollection of the 1st Performance of The Nottingham Symphony
A recollection by Alan Bush's wife, Nancy Bush.


Allegro from Africa
1st Movement: 'Sherwood Forest' from Symphony No. 2 - 'Nottingham'
1st Movement: 'The Wild' from Symphony No. 4 - Lascaux Symphony
'Vivo vivace' from Sonatina for Recorders and Piano (Op. 82)
'Poem' from Concert Suite for Cello and Orchestra (Op. 37)
4th Movement from the Piano Concerto (Op. 18)
1st Movement from String Quartet in A Minor (Op. 4)
Sonata in B Minor
3rd Movement 'Alla Bulgara' from Three Concert Studies (Op. 31)


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In 'The Correspondence of Alan Bush and John Ireland, 1927 - 1961', Rachel O'Higgins previews her forthcoming book about the long musical and personal relationship between Alan Bush and John Ireland. See also Alan's own piece 'My Studies and Friendship with John Ireland' in the Writing section.
The Recordings page has been updated with the latest Alan Bush CDs. Many tracks from current Alan Bush CDs can be heard on the Listen page.
The site has a Operas section devoted to Alan Bush's four full length operas, illustrated with photos from productions.
The Gallery contains many photos of Alan Bush and scenes from his four operas.
"In My Eighth Decade and Other Essays" by Alan Bush can now be purchased direct from the Alan Bush Music Trust. Click here for details. A shortened version of the title essay can be viewed here.

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A series of articles about the life and music of Alan Bush.
The complete and definitive reference for all of Alan Bush's works and recordings.
Also features commentaries on his works.
Listen to selected tracks from current Alan Bush CDs.
A collection of photographs.
Events and music listed by year.
Contact and general information about the Alan Bush Music Trust.
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Alan Bush
Alan Bush

Music Home
Index of Works
Major Works
Wat Tyler
Men of Blackmoor
The Sugar Reapers
Joe Hill - The Man Who Never Died
Orchestral Work
Symphony No. 1 in C
Symphony No. 2 'The Nottingham Symphony'
Symphony No. 3 'The Byron Symphony' with Baritone Solo and Mixed Chorus
Symphony No. 4 - Lascaux Symphony
Dorian Passacaglia and Fugue
Piano Concerto
Violin Concerto
Chamber Music
Dialectic for String Quartet
Concert Piece for Cello and Piano
Lyric Interlude for Violin Solo with Piano Accompaniment
Three Concert Studies for Piano, Violin and Cello
Piano Music
Twenty Four Preludes
Choral Music
'The Winter Journey' - A Christmas Cantata for Soprano and Baritone Solo, Mixed Chorus, String Quintet and Harp
Solo Song
'Voices of the Prophets' - Cantata for Tenor and Piano
'The Freight of Harvest' - Song Cycle for Tenor and Piano
'Life's Span' - Song Cycle for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano
'Woman's Life' - Song cycle for Soprano and Piano