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Songs of Asian Struggle arranged for Mixed Chorus (SATB) and Piano Accompaniment (1969)

1. 'Polishing the Gun' - song of Malayan partisans.
This realistic song was sung during the war of liberation against the British which began in 1948. It expresses the concern of partisans for their previous weapons, captured often from their enemies, in this case perhaps from the Japanese, against whom they fought up to 1945 in alliance with the British. The melody is strictly pentatonic.

2. 'The Rice Harvest' - song from North Korea.
This was composed by the Korean composer, Kim Che Sun, and the English version was by Nancy Bush. It is a woman's song from North Korea, sung during the war against the United States and Britain in 1950-54.

3. 'My Country in Captivity' - song of the Huk partisans of the Phillipine Islands.
This was composed by Constancios de Gutzman and the English version was by Nancy Bush. It is a popular song with a slightly Spanish flavour by a well-known Filipino composer. It was taken over by the Huk partisans during their war in 1946-1956 against the United States and the Filipino government.

4. 'The Jacket-Makers' Song' - song from North Vietnam.
This was composed by Xuan Hong and the English version was by Nancy Bush. It is a song about the practical work being done by the women of North Vietnam during the Vietnamese war against the United States.

5. 'Chinese Students' Song' - Song against the Japanese invaders of the 1930s.
It was composed by Sien Singhai and the English version is by an unknown author. The text of this powerful song with its pentatonic melody describes the fight of the Chinese people against the Japanese invaders, first of Manchuria and then of China, starting in 1938 and continuing until the Red Army defeated the Japanese in 1946. Sien Singhai composed many other works including 'The Yellow River Cantata'.

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