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Two Ballads of the Sea for Piano, Op. 50 (1958)

1. The Cruel Sea-Captain
2. Reuben Ranzo

These two pieces are a ballad and a shanty in the versions given to the composer by A.L.Lloyd. Each of these are based thematically on their respective melodies; the musical developments express in each case the experiences of the chief protagonists of the story. In the case of The Cruel Sea Captain, it is not the Captain whose feelings are conveyed, but the cabin-boy, "who did him annoy", and whose undeserved punishment brought his cruel death from exposure. The beautiful melody is accompanied in a way which suggests the guitar accompaniment of a folk-singer, but the full range and dynamic of a concert-grand piano are deployed. The second piece is a romantic-comic success story, expressed in pianistic terms. The pieces were composed in 1957 and 1958 and were dedicated "in friendship and admiration" to John Ireland, whose pupil the composer was from 1922 to 1927.

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