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A database of the Complete Works of Alan Bush divided into 15 categories listed chronologically with Opus numbers (where relevant); information on instrumentation; dedicatee or commissioner; duration of the work; text authors for vocal works; first performance(s); publisher and date of publication (where relevant).

Chamber Music
Children's Operetta
Choral Music
Concertos / Solo Instrument and Orchestra
Film music
Incidental Music
Orchestral Work
Organ Music / Music for Pipes
Piano Music
Solo Song
Songs and Arrangements
Wind Band / Brass Band

The Index of Works provides a list of all compositions in alphabetical order.

The Alan Bush Music Trust is pleased to announce that the previously unpublished compositions below are now available in a published version. These works are available directly from the Alan Bush Music Trust. Please contact the Hon. Secretary, Alan Bush Music Trust, Dr. Rachel O'Higgins, 7 Harding Way, Histon, Cambridge CB24 9JH or by email at for further information and for details of price, etc.

Piano Compositions
Piano Sonata in A flat, Op. 71 (1970)
Piano Sonata in G, Op. 113 (1986)
Sonata No. 4 for Piano Solo, Op. 119 (1987)
Scots Jigganspiel for Piano Solo, Op. 95 (1982)

Chamber Works
Serenade for String Quartet, Op. 70 (1969)
Suite of Six for String Quartet, Op. 81 (1975)
Two Preludes & Fugues for Violin and Piano, Op.108 (1986)

Song Cycles
The Freight of Harvest – Song Cycle for Tenor and Piano, Op. 69 (1969)
Life’s Span – Four Songs for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano, Op. 79 (1974)
Woman’s Life – Song Cycle for Soprano and Piano, Op. 87 (1977)

Orchestral Works
The Liverpool Overture, Op. 77 (1973)

Please note that some of the smaller choral works and arrangements and a few of the very early works have been omitted from the list but details are held on the Alan Bush Music Trust database.

Please also note that Joseph Williams' publications are now distributed by Stainer and Bell.

Original manuscripts of Alan Bush's compositions have been deposited at the British Library: contact Dr. Nicolas Bell, Curator of Music Manuscripts, British Library.

Copies of the manuscripts are held by Dr. Rachel O'Higgins at 7 Harding Way, Histon, Cambridge, CB4 9JH with full list of the original manuscripts deposited at the British Library.

Scores are also available from the British Music Information Centre who also have a substantial collection of recordings of Bush's works. Please contact British Music Information Centre, Stratford Place, London, W1.

Alan Bush, Doctor of Music, London University, 1968

Music Home
Index of Works

Major Works
Wat Tyler
Men of Blackmoor
The Sugar Reapers
Joe Hill - The Man Who Never Died
Orchestral Work
Symphony No. 1 in C
Symphony No. 2 'The Nottingham Symphony'
Symphony No. 3 'The Byron Symphony' with Baritone Solo and Mixed Chorus
Symphony No. 4 - Lascaux Symphony
Dorian Passacaglia and Fugue
Piano Concerto
Violin Concerto
Chamber Music
Dialectic for String Quartet
Concert Piece for Cello and Piano
Lyric Interlude for Violin Solo with Piano Accompaniment
Three Concert Studies for Piano, Violin and Cello
Piano Music
Twenty Four Preludes
Choral Music
'The Winter Journey' - A Christmas Cantata for Soprano and Baritone Solo, Mixed Chorus, String Quintet and Harp
Solo Song
'Voices of the Prophets' - Cantata for Tenor and Piano
'The Freight of Harvest' - Song Cycle for Tenor and Piano
'Life's Span' - Song Cycle for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano
'Woman's Life' - Song cycle for Soprano and Piano